50 Marathons in 50 States

Yes – you did read that correctly! My goal is to run 50 of them! So far so good! Please enjoy reading my stories and let me know what you think! Pam

Nevada: The Las Vegas Marathon November 13, 2016

Washington: The Spokane Marathon October 11, 2015
A VERY hilly marathon but loads of fun! We highly recommend it!

Colorado: The Denver Marathon October 19, 2014
Number 6 is done! We look forward to next year!!

Oregon: The Portland Marathon October 6, 2013
We found out about this marathon through one of our clients. While researching which one to pick, I kept coming back to Portland. The timing was perfect and we had never been there! We were not disappointed!

New Mexico: The Duke City Marathon 2012
Can’t believe we are on our way to Albuquerque! It’s fun being with Mourad as this is a mini vacation (much needed) for us. The weather report for race day is gorgeous! (51 degrees at the start, high 60’s by the end).

The Virginia Marine Corps Marathon 2011
I registered in February for this one – it sells out in ONE day! Heather, my niece, and her boyfriend Aaron will run this marathon with me. I am running in honor of Mr. Lionel, my friend who is a retired Marine – SEMPER FI!

The Baltimore Marathon 2010
Not long after I finished the Sacramento Race and long enough after I told my story to anyone who would listen, I came up with my harebrained idea – if I could do one marathon, why not 50? One in each state to be exact and only one every year!

California International Marathon 2009
The first one! I’m writing about this one 10+ months later (10/13/10) as I wait in SFO en route to Marathon #2 in Baltimore. I may forget a few of the details so forgive me if I do. As it was the first one, it is QUITE a memory!