Meet the Trainers!

The staff at Body by Pam are the best qualified personal trainers in the area. Be assured that, with the staff at Body by Pam, you will get only the highest quality personal training!


Pam Ben Rached

  • Birthplace: Baltimore, MD
  • Degree: B.A., Political Science/French, College of Notre Dame of Maryland, 1987. 
  • M.A., Kinesiology (Emphasis Exercise Physiology), San Jose State University, expected graduation May, 2018
  • Personal trainer certification: Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, 2005
  • CPT from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, 2017
  • Hobbies: Running, reading and watching movies
  • Best fitness advice ever gotten: Make your fitness and food changes a lifestyle not a temporary thing
  • Worst Fitness Advice Ever Gotten: The lower the calories the faster the weight loss
  • Anything You Want To Add? Words of Inspiration?: Achieving a goal involves a commitment to yourself. Make the commitment and work hard at it each and every day to make that goal a reality. Your new reality will be your reward!

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Mourad ben Rached 

  • Birthplace: Rades, Tunisia
  • Degree: B.A., English, University of Tunis, Tunisia
  • Personal Trainer Certification: Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, 2007
  • Hobbies: Running, chess, cycling
  • Best Fitness Advice Ever Gotten: It’s easier to stay in shape then get back in shape.
  • Worst Fitness Advice Ever Gotten: “Do this, it works for me.” (A one size fits all fitness approach.)
  • Anything You Want To Add? Words of Inspiration?: You are what you eat.

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Tina Forsman

  • Birthplace: Marengo, IL
  • Education: Nutrition/Kinesiology, Baylor University
  • Personal Trainer Certification: Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFFA) 2013
  • Hobbies: Ultra long distance cycling, Hiking, Reading, Educating myself and others about plant based nutrition and health, eliminating cruelty to animals
  • Best Fitness Advice: Keep Moving!! To maintain a happy healthy life/body one needs to move every day. If we stop moving we are soon unable to move.
  • Worst Fitness Advice: To loose weight at any cost, jeopardizing health for weight loss, to loose the weight or die trying
  • Anything you want to add: I always believe we can achieve our goals, long or short. It is just a matter of how long it will take us…

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Karen Heller

  • Birthplace: San Francisco, CA
  • Degree:B.A. Business Marketing, CSU Chico
  • Yoga certification: RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 200 hr. certification
  • Hobbies: Yoga, hiking and reading
  • Best fitness advice ever gotten: Listen to your body. It sounds cliché but it’s true and a good reminder to check in with ourselves.
  • Worst Fitness Advice Ever Gotten: No pain, no gain…I actually believed this for a number of years, until I adopted the best fitness advice
  • Words of Inspiration?: No effort is ever wasted. Yoga philosophy disagrees with many beliefs of our modern culture. Our intentions matter.


Katie Potts-sholty

  • Birthplace: Wilmington, DE
  • Education: B.F.A in Theater Arts from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA graduated 2003
  • Yoga Alliance 200-RYT certification
  • Hobbies:  spending time with my dog, indoor cycling, musical theatre and baking (cupcakes, cakepops and scones are my specialty)
  • Best Fitness Advice: Start where you are, no one is born a marathon runner. Setting steady small attainable goals will add up sustainable change and success.
  • Worst Fitness Advice: “Pain is weakness leaving the body” Body awareness is important and there is a difference between injurious pain when working out and the discomfort (sometime intense discomfort) that come when challenging your body in new ways.
  • Anything you want to add: Fitness should support your lifestyle, allowing you to do the activities you love for as long as possible.

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Emily Garcia

  • Birthplace: San Leandro, CA
  • Degree: B.S. Business Administration from Sonoma State University
  • Hobbies: Hiking, Reading, and spending time with friends and family!
  • Best fitness advice ever gotten: Listen to your body! Not everything will always feel the same every day and that's okay.
  • Worst Fitness Advice Ever Gotten: Anytime anyone says  "This worked for me, it should work for you too".
  • Words of Inspiration?: I believe in working hard to achieve your goals regardless of how big or small they are. Always put in your best effort and what is meant to be will be.