What Would You Tell Your Younger Self if You Could Go Back in Time?

This week's blog will be written by YOU!


Last week, we asked you if you could give advice to your younger self with the knowledge you have now, what would you say? What did you stress over that you wished you hadn’t? How do you see things now? You came up with some great advice written out below! If you would like to add another piece of advice write in below and it will get added to list. Feel free to include your name or keep it anonymous. 

  1. Be forever curious, keep your sense of awe and wonder, and always choose kindness.

  2. Follow your dreams!!! If you make yourself happy others around you will share your joy

  3. Make time for family and friends...tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Travel often, explore new places and people and indulge in other cultures. Don't work too much, find balance in your life. Get a dog or two!

  4. Don't think everyone else has it figured out because they don't.

  5. Believe in your dreams, work hard and the rest will follow.

  6. It's okay to not have the answer yet. Just continue the journey and trust the process. 

Thanks and have a healthy, happy week!

Pam Ben Rached,

Owner, Body by Pam