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11 Things Nobody Tells You About When You Start Your Health and Fitness Journey

On August 2nd, 2016 I decided to start a sugar detox with my friend and I had no idea how much my life would change and how much I would gain from the experience. A year and a half later I am 40 pounds lighter and have lost almost 10% of my body fat.

Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation: Which One Do You Have?

While studying for an exam, I came across the above terms and found them to be intriguing. People are driven to act based upon one of two stimuli: either to move toward a desire or to move away from a punishment and/or to achieve an award. From an exercise adherence perspective, here are the differences between the two....

Top Five Misguided Fitness Comments (Let's Clear up Some Things Here...)

Over the years, I have heard a lot of comments from clients: some good, some bad and some just downright off track. Since I figure that you are coming to Body by Pam for a reason, plunking your hard earned money down and wanting results (or reading this blog without undue duress), let’s clear up a few thoughts that may be leading you astray. Have you said any of the following before?

Runner's Word: Ask the Expert!

Last year Pam was featured in Runner's Word: Ask the Expert! The question she answered was "What's a good overall exercise for runner's to use that incorporates all upper body muscles?". A great question and we wanted to share the answer again with you! See Pam's answer below....