Reactions to Body by Pam's May Challenge

Last Monday, May 14th, some of us from Body by Pam ate raw vegan for one day for the May Challenge! See our reactions below…

"I loved the way I felt no bloat, good but a little tired.  I did run 5 miles and do heavy weights but overall good experience. Volume of food was colossal." -Pam Ben Rached 

"Overall I felt really great! I had no bloating which is VERY rare for me. I did notice that I got hungry very quickly. I would eat and then 2 hours later I would be hungry again and the portion sizes are huge. You're eating raw fruits and vegetables so it's not a lot of calories but large portions. During my workout I felt a little weaker than I normally do but other than that it was a good experience. My takeaway is to incorporate more raw foods in my diet!" -Emily Garcia

"I started planning for it about one week before googling what would be acceptable.  I found a few recipes that would work so the night before I made golden chia seed pudding.  The serving was pretty big and it was very filling.  I did have one cup of coffee.  Lunch was a salad made coleslaw mix with avocado and a few nuts.  Dinner was a kale cauliflower salad with walnuts and pecans.  Snacks were fruit- apple, banana and orange.  By the end of the day and after the warriors game I had a glass of wine.  Score one for me-wine is a raw food 😊. I felt really good during the whole thing I was expecting to feel bloated but I felt really good.  I would do it again" -Yvonne Fluehr

"All in all it went better than I thought. I planned ahead and made many of the dishes suggested in the blog. 

  • Smoothie for breakfast ...discovered that a little spinach and chia seeds mixed with fruit isn't so bad.  Although I have to admit i sure miss my hot coffee in the morning!
  • taco salad for lunch.   Quite delicious, much better than I expected. 
  • fruit for snacks
  • Zucchini ribbons with pumpkin seed sauce for dinner....not a winner...couldn't finish it.   

It was at dinner that I realized how difficult it was not to be able to eat crackers with peanut butter, or yogurt, or bread and cheese (although I did buy raw milk cheese).  

Upshot: good for one day, but one day every so often is often enough!" -Julia Olkin

After seeing some responses, would you try being raw vegan? Comment below and let us know!