Personal Training vs. Gym Membership

By: Pam Ben Rached
November 24, 2010

Often when a prospective client sets up an appointment to consult with me, he or she has debated between training and buying a gym membership. Both are beneficial but very different. I am dismayed when people state that personal training is exactly the same as a gym membership only more expensive. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

You may think that I am biased. Of course! I believe in what I do. I also believe in choice and a well thought out decision. Here are some basics on the two options:

  1. Gym Membership:
    • Price ranges between $19 – $100 per month depending on the facility.
    • There is normally a contractual obligation of at least a year or more.
    • A wide range of equipment, hours of operation, etc is offered.
    • After the initial general orientation, you are on your own to operate the equipment, put together your workouts, etc.
    • Nutrition supplements, water and sports drinks are generally available at an additional fee
    • No additional follow up is made on your progress
  2. Personal Training:
    • Price ranges greatly but generally $50 –$80 per session and bundled into a package
    • No other contractual obligation other then the package of sessions purchased
    • A wide range of functional and cardio equipment depending on the facility
    • Towels, water, snacks and statistical testing may be provided
    • One on one training with a nationally certified instructor who oversees all aspects of your session
    • Individualized training designed to enable the client to reach his/her goals
    • General nutritional counseling to help support the fitness program

Many of my clients have a gym membership in addition to their personal training. Others chose to use the outdoors as part of their fitness regime. Whatever way you go, make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Here’s to your health – it’s the best investment you can make.