My Favorite 5 Fitness Flops of All Time

Before I start, let me premise this blog by defining the meaning of “flop”. I am looking at this from the perspective of “useful in getting healthy” and not necessarily from the point of view of “how much money did the manufacturer make off of the desperate to get fit crowd.” I reserve the right to update this list as time goes on and yet ANOTHER crazy gizmo comes on the market to pilfer money out of the unsuspecting American public. Let’s take a walk down memory lane – did you own any of these little ditties?  The list goes from bad to worst – here we go!

#5: The Twist ‘N Tone


This fun spinning “thing” arrived in the 1970’s.  It purported to help you lose weight while twisting and having FUN! We had one of these. It was made of wood and I used to sit on it and spin in circles until I tilted it too far and fell over. I had time to use it because my mother bought it and used it once and forgot about it.

#4: The Vita Master                            

You have to go back a few more years for this pulsating wonder of the weight loss world. I saw a picture in a JC Penney catalog and am guessing the launch date in the late 60’s. How it worked? You jiggled your fat away! How efficient! Years later when I was working for a hotel in Tokyo, Japan their fitness center STILL had one – and it was 2006! Boy – I’m sure glad we’ve learned our lesson. Or have we? Stay tuned for #1!

#3: The Thigh Master     

How did we live without this one until 1990? Thank you Suzanne Somers! A stroke of marketing genius as what woman likes the shape of her thighs? For this one, I just HAD to post two pictures so you could get the full effect! Just like the picture below, you lie on your back, place this plastic, life transforming aparatus between your thighs and VOILA! Instant results! There are only a few problems, however, with how it functions: first of all, if you have very litte strength in your legs that puppy ain’t moving.  Secondly, there is a great danger, based on my experience with my friend who had one (by then my Mom had given up on exercise) that it will go FLYING after a giant squeeze! Trust me! I almost knocked my friend out!

#2: The Ab Roller             

Enter the 21st century and the Ab Roller. There are several versions of them but I will concentrate on the one pictured above because – wait for it – we actually owned one for Body by Pam. My husband purchased it with the idea it would spice up our clients’ workouts a bit and strengthen that core! Good intention but not what happened. See below:

I was in Position A (but as a woman). When I went into Position B that roller caught on the carpet and when I realized I pushes hard,  it “whooshed” forward and I got a bloody nose. SAD but TRUE story. (Play TAPS here.)

ab roller 2.png

Are you ready for the Number 1 (to date) most idiotic invention ever? Wait….

drum roll sound.png

#1: The Shake Weight!!!!!

Be honest – how many of you ladies own this one? Or know someone who owns one? Or thought about buying one? This is PURE marketing genius! When I first saw the commercial on TV, I knew it would sell – and big. According to an article on CNBC’s website, sales hit the $40 billion mark in 2010. Don’t believe me? Here’s the link: This type of thinking is why I will not be rich because I sell the truth and not this piece of marketing drivel. Here is the truth from your highly trained fitness professional from Body by Pam: There is ABSOLUTELY no physiologic truth concerning shaking your weight off! (Remember the Vita Master?) I bet you didn’t need me to tell you that – you already knew it deep down inside- except maybe…just maybe…this thing could shake your triceps so much that they didn’t jiggle anymore. Wouldn’t that be Nirvana! Sorry to break the news but the answer is “No.”

There you have it-Pam’s Top 5 Fitness Flops as of July 16, 2017. Which fitness flop was your favorite? Did any of your favorite flops not make the list?! Comment below & tag a friend who may enjoy this walk down memory lane….or shame ;) Thanks for reading! Til next week!