Nevada: The Las Vegas Marathon 2016

  • Location: Las Vegas
  • Date: November 13, 2016
  • Age: 50 (Pam) 56 (Mourad)
  • Time: 4:57:43 (Pam and Mourad – we crossed together!)

When I found out that Las Vegas had a marathon AND you get to run the strip AND you get to run at night how could I refuse?? Besides…look who provided the pre-run race entertainment?

Oh yeah wow! Off we go on Thursday November 10th for some fun and frolic in Sin City. For a man who doesn’t gamble or drink, Mourad is sure a lot of fun in Vegas! Guess what he likes to do?

This is what Pam likes to do:

After all the frivolity, we carb loaded at a great Italian restaurant the Saturday night before near Planet Hollywood and got ready to roll!! We were supposed to see this lady but she cancelled her show and she is Mourad’s favorite!

For those of you that are FITBIT junkies, guess how many steps you get in a completed marathon? Roughly 26,500 not inluding before and after the marathon! If that’s not incentive…..

Off we go on Sunday to walk to the start line. As I mentioned before, this race BEGAN at 4 pm which is completely opposite of a normal marathon. This change of time definitely challenged your eating patterns to say the least!

Remember this guy?

If you have ever heard of or attended a Rock and Roll series race you know it’s all about the music, 'bout the music, no cannabis… but someone forgot to tell our headliner that message! Ah, the smell of weed before a race! It was still an exciting time – the pre-race jiters, the excitement of running 26.2 miles, the thrill of it all!! Besides, where else can you run with 10 Elvis', a Cher impersonator and Forest Gump?

The weather was PERFECT! (Sunny but cool at the start line – no need for sweats check.) We began at the end of the strip near the Mandalay Bay. We ran down and out to the old section. What fun! It was Veteran’s Day Weekend so the city was packed and the people were cheering! We looped the old section a few times and came out by the Children’s Museum and looped around that area. We concluded running back down the strip and ended in front of Caesar’s Palace where I cast a stink eye at you know who:


We finished just under 5 hours and this is VERY good timing because that is the limit for this marathon. This is what happens if you exceed the guiidelines:

Needless to say, we were very happy! This is how we felt just afterwards and how we felt two hours later – can you guess which one is which?

If you get a chance to run the Las Vegas Marathon, DO IT! There is also a 5k and a Half Marathon if that’s your cup of tea. Where are we off to next year? I’m thinking….Boise, Idaho! Stay tuned!

Respectfully Submitted,

Pamela Ben Rached