Fitness Is A Pie: Are You Missing Any Slices?

(Any fitness blog including a mention of pie has to be interesting, huh?)

When we think of fitness and what we will do to achieve our goals, we tend to gravitate towards things we like and avoid the things we don’t. 

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Women, for example, are more prone to cardio type workouts and men towards weights.  If you love yoga, then you only do yoga. (You get the idea.) 


I want you to think of fitness as a whole pie – each slice brings something to the table and who wants half a pie? (Especially a fitness one!) Check out Pam’s Fitness Pie below and ask yourself: Which slice (or slices) of the pie are you missing? Do you already have it all? Or are you missing your pie entirely? Remember - my pie has all natural and healthy ingredients – you won’t get fat eating this one!

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The Fitness Pie

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1.    Cardio Training:  

Defined here as working your heart as a muscle – aim for 3 – 5x/week for at least 20 minutes “in the zone”. Zone could be defined as a heartrate range (e.g., 130 – 155 BPM) or a feeling (breathy but not gasping for air.) Examples include swimming, cycling, running, dancing, hiking or hopping on your favorite piece of cardio equipment at the gym such as a treadmill, elliptical or bike. 


2.    Flexibility Training:  

Defined here as static stretches held for 30 seconds to 2 minutes encompassing all major muscles groups. Aim for 2-3x/week. I prefer a class structure in a yoga studio or gym/senior center. You could also follow a class on You Tube or another source of media but be careful that you know what you are doing if you are going the independent route.

3.    Strength Training: 

Defined here as resistance training using free weights, body resistance or other weight training aids that works all major muscle groups. Aim for 2-3x/week. Ladies: don’t be shy about using the heavier weights – don’t sell yourself short! When in doubt, hire a qualified, nationally certified trainer (like me!) to help you – not your neighbor’s 20 year old son who may think he’s qualified.


4.    Spirituality:

Surprised to see this one? Defined here as not necessarily a structured religion although that could be your choice. What are the principles that guide you? How do you keep in touch with the important aspects of your life? Do you mediate, walk in the woods or simply spend 10 minutes a day being peaceful and getting in touch with your breath? Whatever method you chose, make it a part of each day.

5.    Good Nutrition:

This sounds almost too basic to mention, huh? Completing the aforementioned parts of the pie will be improbable tasks if your fuel is inadequate. The following website from the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides healthy tools and guidelines for eating right: Not ready to delve into this completely? Start by cleaning up your diet – get rid of processed food and sugar and aim for five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Cut down on the alcohol – cut out the Frappuccino – start somewhere!

6.    Alternative Medicine: 

Take a look at the above chart and see which of these practices are familiar or not. Perhaps your health care is ready for a shake up! Tried a massage lately? Seen a chiropractor? Do you know what guidelines to look for with regards to your health? Have you had a physical lately? Generally speaking, how do you rate on this checklist?

a.    Blood Pressure

b.   Glucose Levels

c.    HDL/LDL Cholesterol Levels

d.   Prostate (Men) and Estrogen (Women)

e.    Body Fat Percentage


 Here are two good books on Alternative Medicine to read:

a.    Essentials of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Jeffrey S. Levin and Wayne B. Jonas (this is a textbook but very detailed and complete – available on

b.   The MD Emperor Has No Clothes: Everyone is Sick and I Know Why by Dr. Peter Gliddon, B.S. N.D. (short book written by a homeopathic doctor – love his snarky humor)

There you have it! How does your pie look? Yummy and delectable or sorely lopsided?

What’s your fitness pie? What do you think are the best ingredients to creating your ultimate fitness pie? Pam wants to know! Comment below and remember to always take a bite out of life because every day is pie day :)  #HealthyPie #PieDayEveryday #EverySliceCounts  #FitnessOverhaul #MyPie #PieisLife