Pam's Thoughts on Training

In case you are thinking about training with us, particularly me, I thought I’d lay some proverbial cards out on the table. If you are currently one of my clients, I am sure this will not come as a surprise. Read on if you dare!

  • You do not need to be perfect – no one is! I don’t expect it from myself or from you. I do expect you to work with me to help achieve your goals. If you have a bad week (day), own it, pick yourself on and move forward.
  • If you ask me to train with you once a week or give you a “program to follow at home”, you are missing the whole point of training. If you were that disciplined in the first place, you would have saved your hard earned money and done it on your own. The same holds true with the “write a program” issue. You can get anything off of the internet, a good exercise book, etc. Training at BBP is not just about the exercise – it is about embracing all aspects of health (including mental.) If you are giving up drugs or alcohol, can you just have someone write you a program and you can check back with them?
  • If you are not willing to change your current lifestyle, you will not get good results. Exercise is only one part of the equation. If you won’t change the way you eat, the amount you eat, etc. no amount of physical exercise is going to make up for it.
  • Weigh and measure is not to be done just when things are going well. It is a lot of things: a counseling session, a reassessment of strategy and sometimes a “come to Jesus meeting.”
  • Please leave all excuses outside of the front door. We are all busy.
  • Celebrate the joy of having made a decision to get healthy and become a better “you.” Don’t be so hard on yourself!
  • Lastly, smile! Laugh! Kick your heels up! It makes other people wonder what you’re up to!