Exercise, Good Eating and Sex

By: Pam Ben Rached
October 19, 2011

Absolutely – the topic of this article is EXACTLY what you think it’s going to be! I am going to be very direct so read on if you dare.

Let’s face it – being out of shape doesn’t make you feel sexy. Your partner still loves you no matter what but when you are feeling good, it makes you feel good. (Know what I mean?)

Men (or women): The ladies feel more in the mood when they’ve had a good workout and are rested. It behooves you to watch the kids or whatever it takes to let them work out. When they are tired and cranky and/or feeling fat, the chances of you getting any are nil.

Ladies (or men): Studies show that men who exercise can maintain an erection and make better lovers – need I say more? Exercise also increases blood flow to ALL of the body parts.

In conclusion, there are a lot of benefits to working out – lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Let’s get into “cardio” and put smiles on our faces!